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Treatment of Skin Imperfections

Perform by our licensed & certified skin care specialist, we utilize LamProbe (LP) Device that emits very high frequency radio waves which creates a galvanic current, and thereby vaporizing moisture in the cells it comes in contact with. It is extremely precise and works only where it is intended to work. It can be directed to a single hair follicle, for instance. This makes the LamProbe perfect for certain skin conditions, such as spider veins, cherry angiomas (blood spots), fibromas (growths), skin tags, millia (white heads), cysts, and cholesterol spots.

You may have some questions, and we have compiled a list of the most commonly ask ones.

What can I expect to see after treatment?

As with any cosmetic procedure, the goal is aesthetic improvement, not perfection. Several factors including skin color. Skin type, hormonal activity, and inherited conditions may influence the effectiveness of the treatment.

How quick are the Treatments?

The treatment are extremely quick, some take only seconds to a few minutes. There is no downtime.

I have heard of Laser and Hyfrecator. How does the LP differ from them?

LP Procedures are non-invasive and less powerful, but much more precise and accurate. Laser is also very effective and non-invasive, but usually treats wider areas at once, and the depth of treatments are not as accurate. Hyfrecator treatments can be somewhat invasive and irritating to the skin, but extremly effective in reshaping the skin in the case of acne scarring.

When do you see results?

In most cases, the results are immediately visible. There might be a little redness or in some cases a small scab, but usually these disappear within 2-3 days.

Which conditions cannot be treated?

Skin diseases such as psoriasis, eczema, flat black pigmented lesions (possible melanoma), and open sores cannot be treated. We also do not treat pregnant patients.

Are there any side-effects or pain with LP treatments?

Depending on the skin type, the patient may experience a pinch-like sensation during the treatment. This is regarded as minor discomfort and it last only seconds. There might be slight scabbing of some lesions with some treatments.

Do I need to follow any specific regimen afterwards?

Absolutely, you want to have this procedure because you want the best cosmetic outcome while removing your lesion. You will receive a post-treatment guidelines / Home Care Advice, which you must strictly follow to achieve the most benefit from this treatment.

Are there any risks with LP treatment?

With some treatments you might have some scabbing following treatment for a few days. You will therefore have to plan ahead if you do not want to be seen with these minor scabs. There might be some discoloration in the treated area.

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