Daravadee Spa Logo

Daravadee Spa Interior

The Spa

Daravadee Spa is the vision of Thai Entrepreneurs who longed to bring traditions of Thai ancient healing, utilizing oriental herbs combined with therapeutic art of health massage and beauty techniques to all who seek Deep Relaxation, Health Restoration and Beauty Rejuvenation.

Daravadee (meaning “Healing Star in Thai”) symbolizes spiritual purifying, mind unfolding and body healing. With its thai-style logo as the symbol of ‘Heavenly Star’, a representational of ‘True Balance and Harmony’, Daravadee spa prides itself in bringing this philosophy to its clients.

The Treatments

Daravadee’s menu offers unique ‘Thai Herbal Compress’ spa treatment (a specialized herbal treatment using specific types of dried herbs to treat specific problem areas), as well as wide array of other imppressive treatments, including the favorite Traditional Thai Massage, Swedish Massage, Sport Massage, Combination Massage, Pressure Point Therapy and Foot Reflexology.

Through variety of our skincare treatments, our most popular treatments, utilizing a remarkable, highest natural quality of THANN Shiso & Rice Collection, are our Purifying Full Facial, Anti-Aging Facial, and our Herbal Facial, customized to one’s skin type and condition.

The Therapists

Daravadee Spa is staffed by experienced, highly-skilled, professional Therapists who have undertaken rigorous training to ensure that the undisputed superior service, hospitality and charm established by Daravadee Spa is maintained in every aspect.

The Environment

At Daravadee Spa, we offer you a ‘Stylish, Serene, Thai Elegance Environment’ where every detail evokes the senses and revitalize the mind. We also offer a ‘Unique Spa Experience’, where people can come to achieve balance and harmony, to rejuvenate their body and empower back to their daily routine.

The Goal

At Daravadee Spa, our goal is simple:
To bring you the Best spa service & experience, and to help improve your overall health & well-being.

Through our authentic treatments, our superior hospitality and service, our ancient healing knowledge and practices, Daravadee Spa is dedicated to bringing you “True Balance and Harmony between your body, mind and spirit.”