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Massage Therapy


Head, Neck & Shoulder, Foot Reflexology

30min | $35      60min | $50      90min | $75

Body Massage

Thai, Swedish, Deep Tissue, Combination, Pressure Point, Sport

30min | $35      60min | $50      90min | $75

Thai Herbal Compress

30min | $45      60min | $60      90min | $85

Couple Massage Special

60min | $95 (*excludes Thai Herbal Compress Massage)

Head, Neck & Shoulder Massage:

Designed to help improve your memory, reduce stress & aid in the balance between the body and mind.

Foot Reflexology:

Help improves circulation by restoring the body natural balance through reflex points on the feet and maintains a link between the feet, hands, internal organs and structures.

Thai Massage:

A combination of pressure point, yoga-like body stretching and energy meridian work for an invigorating & balancing experience.

Swedish Massage:

Employs long flowing strokes to help relieve the build-up of tension, improve range of motion, and promote health and well being.

Deep Tissue Massage:

Direct deep, firm pressure applied to specific trigger points to improve circulation, heal muscular aches and pains, relieves the blockages and allows your natural, healthful energy to flow.

Combination Massage:

Employing unique blend of three different healing techniques, Thai, Swedish & Deep tissue, to rejuvenate & re-energize the body.

Prenatal Massage:

Aims to relax muscle tension, increase blood flow, decreased back & leg pain, relieve stress, & improve overall prenatal health.

Sport Massage: (*Perfect complement to any exercise routine)

Directed to optimize athletic performance, stimulate nerve function, allow flexibility, increase joint movement and body awareness.

Pressure Point Therapy:

Helps improve blood circulation, reduce muscle tension & body aching, relieve numbness and inflammation of muscle & tendon.

Thai Herbal Compress: (Subject to availability.)

This remarkably relaxing treatment helps improve blood circulation. Reduce muscle tension and body aching. Relieve numbness and inflammation of muscle and tendon and bring the body, mind and spirit in beautiful harmony.

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Please note: Prices may change without notice. We accept cash only. Gift cards are available.